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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 5, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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rain returns to the bay area, forcing people to break out the umbrellas. and a live look outside. there are remnants of what the rain left behind. some parteds of the bay area are seeing traces of the storm. i'm ama daetz. we begin with leigh glaser and a live look at live doppler 7hd. >> leigh: making its way across the bay area, this area of low pressure, 'starting to wind town a little bit. you can get the sense of that looking at live doppler 7hd. you can see clear matches the north bay. a massive area of counter-rotation round the enclosed map as the low it sitting juster near the coast.
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east bay, still picking up some returns here. oakley, brentwood, altamont pass area, and livermore, and where the heaviest rain, milpitas, san jose, saratoga, scotts valley, and including the watson veil area. those showers will be moving into gilroy. how much rain to expect? we'll look at the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. >> ama: turning now to breaking news. a teenage girl has been shot in millbrae. the girl was shot a half hour ago across from capuccino high school. we have a crew on the way to the scene. get ready to shell out more money to park in san francisco. new rules for parking meters take effect tomorrow. sergio quintana is live with what youd in to know. sergio?
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reporter: there is already sunday metered parking in some parts of the city. along the wharf and waterfront, meeters there start charge agent 7:00 a.m. seven days a week. but come tomorrow, this meeter in front of this church, well, and all the other meeters in fact, will start charging, and everybody parked in front of a meter will have to start paying. >> high noon will mark the end of free parking on sunday in san francisco. for the chin community it's not a welcome change. >> so many people have left the city because it's such an expensive place to live, and the early kess to the is the congregation. >> the size he meet erredded parking could mean the end of a free day in the city. and he has concerns about how the decision was made. >> at the outset it came to our knowledge after the fact there was a stakeholders group that really put this -- implemented
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this policy. there was not the voice of one member of the faith community around that table. and so we see it as a real gross infraction of due process. >> paul rhoads, a spokesman for, saysed the faith community was a strong voice, because church services often start in the motor the mta decided to limit when they start charging. >> won't start enforcing until noon, until 6:00. and all the meeters have a four-hour time limit. >> know citations will be issued for the next three sundays, instead warnings. the program is expected to bring in $2 million a year but the mpa this was started because of complaints some drivers take up some spaces all day long. >> this is something that is men to ensure that parking is available for people that come into san francisco so visitors can find a parking space.
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>> and up until now, there's really only been a handful of meter enforcement officers who are assigned to sunday duty, but because of sunday metering now, sfmca says they will likely have to assign more to sunday dutiy. reporting live. abc-7 news. >> ama: a fundraiser was held in the north bay in honor of a petaluma woman who disappeared this week. 19-year-old alyssa byrns' body was found yesterday not far from where she attended a music concert in south lake tahoe. officials do not believe foul play was involved the in her death. today family and friends rallied to bring awareness and support for families dealing with missing and exploited children. >> she was the most energetic people if a ever known. >> investigators say the body will be moved to sacramento for
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an autopsy. memorial services are still pending. >> oakland police are investigating a shooting that left two people wounded. neighbors reported hearing gunshots. a neighbor told us that a local cable technician ran to her for cover right after the shots were fired. >> comcast was here and he said, he was shot at and could he come in. he came in and jumped on the floors. >> your kids. >> already an the floor. >> a short time later the police responded to a car crash less than a mile away. investigators believe that's where the victims crashed their vehicle after being shotful. the two male occupantses were able to take themselves to the hospital. >> new develops in another tragedy to strike the town of aurora, colorado. four people were killed during a hostage standoff. they're all believed to be members of the same family. s.w.a.t. teams were called to a
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townhome after a woman called nine 9-1-1 to report a shooting. he woman escaped from the house. the neighbors sale the woman's husband fired at officers when they responded. he what later found dead. six months ago 12 people were shot and killed in aurora in a movery theater. >> an alabama theater is being credited if foiling a plot to attack students. the teacherled upon a student's misplaced journal. inside it laid out a plan to set up and detonate home made bombs around the campus. the student is a self-proclaimed white supremist. >> just three weeks after the sandy hoag elementary massacre, gun show was held not far from the city of newtown. there was pressure not to hole the show but organizers say this is how they made their living. some gun shows an hour away cancelled or rescheduled.
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>> no idea what the president has in mind, but down the road, could be many things that could jeopardy do is gun show moat -- promoters and gun sale. >> the opportunityistic for gun control, leveraging the tragedy in sandy hook, is despicable. >> gun dealers everywhere report strong sales since the november election and especially since sandy hook. >> a piedmont man's ten-year-old daughter has motivate him to help gets guns off the streets. he started his own cash for guns program. reporter: micky jordan lives in piedmont. she is glad she is alive anywhere. >> one of the girls who didn't live in the house, got out a gun and put it to my head and pulled a trigger. >> that happened when she was ten. the said she girl laughed saying the safety was on. then 17 years later she says her
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brother was shot by his best friend. >> my brother shot through the head, and so i never get to see him again. i raised him. and it was the most horrific experience of my life. ripped out my heart. >> tom wants to prevent what jordan experience from happening to anyone. he has ten-year-old daughter who attends elementally school in speedmentment after the shooting she told her dad what happened in class. >> chev told me she was crying in school and didn't know why. and i just put two and two together. >> he decided to start the kind of gun buyback program like the ones in san francisco and oakland last month. >> now she is calling this the gun drive and is behind it and excited we're collecting guns. it's really doing the job i wanted to do making her feel like we're doing something, which i hope we are. >> piedmont isn't a high crime area but he has donated $1,000 and will i pay $200 per
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gun. >> it's an incredibly generous offer and certainly we have to think about the safety of our children. >> piedmont councilman jeff wheeler says the city has a voluntary gun collection program which has collect 37 weapons in five years. if the plan works out he says it should be adopted. >> we certainly don't want to have criminals breaking into homes and getting ahold of guns. that can happen. >> in piedmont, abc-7 news. >> ama: a 13-year-old tourist is in the hospital suffering from life-threatening injuries after she was hit bay car in san francisco. happened around 8:00 last night on pine street just west of stockton street. the girl was visiting the city with her family when she was hit. the drive tide stop after the accident. vallejo police are offering a ewafford reward for the identity or a car that hit a
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man. police said the driver rap away after the c. and hasn't been found. >> still to come on abc-7 news at 11:00, a community comes together to help save a bay area icon. >> the taxty ride that led -- what one man did to get his iphone back. >> a google project has hurricane victims seething. >> plus, rain moving through the bay area right now. you can seer right here o
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>> ama: fans of the peninsula ice rinking rallying against a plan to close the center. the board wants to transform the location into retail face but long-time fans of the rink are petitioning the landlord for a change of heart. >> come here almost every day, their parents drop them off and for most of us, it's important. [inaudible] >> ama: the center has been open for the past 20 years. along with skating it hosts hockey games for several peninsula hockey leagues. >> a wine and beer tasting tour boat is back in the water tonight of an accident last year put it in dry dock. the cell phone video from last october shows the aftermath of the accident. the neptune hit a sand bar and
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took on water during a cruise. it took three months to get the boat seaworthy again. >> this guy did all that inspection work while the repairs were being done. they changed our inspection date to september and it helped us and helped them as well. >> the boat relaunched today from pier 39 with a couple passengers on board, and they sell us everything went swimmingly. >> now to a store of payback in the digital age. a guy's iphone was stolen and he set up a sting involving an jaunt death site. here's the story. reporter: when todd left his iphone 4 in a taxi on new year's eve. >> i immediately used my friends phone to call it but it was immediately turned off. >> the brooklyn musician becoming one of thousands falling prey to a growing crime wave sweeping the country, dubbed apple picking. the thefts of iphone and apple
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products caught on tape. nearly 16,000 were reported stolen this year in the big apple, keeping new york police busy. >> just took out thefts of apple products, our total crime rate would be lower than it was last year. >> but unlike most victims, he got a lucky break. the crook started sending messages from his phone using his online profile, trolling for dates. >> he was using my cupid account to send messages. >> against police he set up his own sting, creating a phony prefile with a cleavage bearing photo. >> my bess version of talking as a girl is adding winky face. >> the thief took the bait, writing do you want to meet? and he said, i kind of do. and when asked, will you kiss me? his coy response, i don't have a boyfriend. they made a plan to meet up at
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his apartment. >> i confronted help right here and put the $20 in his hand, and he refused the situation as fast as possible but i had a hammer in my hand. >> the thief handed over the phone, took the money and ran. >> he was dressed in a nice jacket and shirt and had kole lope and a bottle of wine in his hand. >> the thief only used the cupid online dating application and voided other applications like e-mail, facebook, and banking soft we -- set of -- software. >> leigh: you can see on live doppler 7hd very active. we're getting a little break in the north bay, also the east bay, but down in the south bay, still some pretty impressive rainfall coming down. you can get a sense of the counterclockwise circulation, and this is the low right here,
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counter-clock iowa wind, so these are blowing to the west and some of this moisture in the central valley, with these winds it will start to migrate back towards the north bay. so it's not quite over with yet. let's take you up to the north bay. we're seeing showers diminishing from cloverdale, santa rosa, petaluma, a little heavy mist and drizzle. showers in fairfield. vallejo, concord, oakley, and brentwood, and livermore, moderate rain there. but check out down towards san jose, milpitas, santa cruz, the heaviest rain is coming down. you can see the oranges and yellows here, down toward watsonville, and all of this will continue to might grate the north and swing back towards the west throughout the course of the evening as the low slides near the coast. temperatures right now in the 40s. 43, fairfield. 50 in san francisco. 45 in livermore.
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here's a lochte forecast. rain overnight. some colder air is going to undercut the area of low pressure, and so we'll nut a possibility of isolated thunderstorms for the sunday morning showers, afternoon sunshine, and then we get a dry and warmer set of days as we head into the first part of the work week. here's a look at the cold front. the low is right here. remember the counterclockwise circulation. the low is going to push to the south, and tomorrow we'll look for the clearing to begin in the north bay first, as those showers press south, and then finally the south bay will see some clear sky, probably about 1:00. here's a look at the timing. this is 11:00 right now. pretty good handle on what is going on, and then our forecast animation takes you up to 5:00 tomorrow morning and you can see partial clearing in the north bay. 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, the showers, as the low pushes the south, clearing in the north bay, south bay, tomorrow afternoon actually
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looks pretty good, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, sunshine. i will add, though, behind this area of low pressure, the winds are going to shift out of the north and that's going to mean a very breezy and cool day for us for sunday. so we'll continue with scattered rain tonight. isolated thunderstorm. byes sunday afternoon, we should start to see a brighter sky. 52, san rafael. 52, san francisco. cooler in watsonville, 53. the rain event will be over, overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. we'll break out sunshine monday and tuesday, warm things up, back in the low 60s. wednesday, just a slight chance of showers and then dry things up. it's going to be cold heading into thursday and friday and saturday hopefully they rain will hold off for the nines. >> ama: absolutely. we're finding out who the niners are going to be playing. >> this is going to be a tough matchup. the one that everyone, i think, expected to see when the season
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>> okay. here we go 49ers and packers next saturday at candle stick park. 5:00 kickoff. green bay blasts an undermanned minnesota team. christian ponder was unable to go, so jo webb started. hadn't thrown a pass all season. packer fullback, too easy. green bay, 17-3. aaron rodgers, 274 yards passing. to kuhn, nine yards, it's in webb out of his comfort zone all night. can you blame the guy? clay matthews, the strip, the recovery, webb, 11-30, 180 yards and an interception. packers pummel minnesota 24-10, come to san francisco a week from tonight. aaron rodger's first game in san francisco as the packers starting quarterback. >> be fun to go back to the west coast.
11:24 pm
a lot of people in the area, hopefully get a lot of cheeseheads from chico coming down to the game, and be a good time. >> can't wait. early game, houston and cincinnati, texans bet the bengals last year, second quarter, hall, read that one from schaub. foster, 140 yards on the ground. 16-7 houston. 3:00 to development bengals down six. andy dalton going for it all on third down. had a.j. green. overthrew him. next play, need 11-yard for the first down. dalton to jones. the former cal star. not even close. five yards shy. cinci never saw the ball again,. >> still to come, the most descriptive word would be emberrassing, three days of a win over the clippers, l.a. exacts revenge on the warriors
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>> welcome back. warriors with the 21 point win over the clippers on wednesday nut tonight's game, and l.a. exacted revefnlgt seth curry, driving, no. rocking the rim. but all clippers from then on. blake griffin, 14 first quarter points, finished with 20. it was 23-6. barnes, base line jam, tried to stop the bleeding. warriors, lowest points in the first quarter of the season. chris paul had 27. clippers up by 23. eric pled bledsoe. shot clock winding down, come on. paul off glass, to jordan, just showing off now. 92-56. 115-89 the final.
11:29 pm
>> santa clara coach gary keeting wanted a full house, one problem students are out on winter break, sew offered $100 hotel reimbursements out of his own pocket for students who live on campus but had nowhere to stay. 12 took him up on his offer and the place sold out. the place going crazy, and then the zags throws it down. kevin foster, 29 for the broncos but they trail by seven at the half. second half. zags up two. look at that reverse. broncos played well but fall to the bulldogs, 81-74. >> stanford's futility in southern california continues. now lost 15 of the last 16 in l.a. cardinal and bruins, dwight powell, 17 points, but the super frosh, wings three. 68-60 the final. cal seeking a socal split of
11:30 pm
losing to ucla on thursday. at usc tonight. duane tedman, angry at the ref. second half belonged to cal. 53-47 bears, and the finishing touch with the dunk. cal wins 72-64. >> this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. coming up later, more on earn rodgers' match one against the finers, and today, usf, st. mary's and loyal a. >> a bill passed to help super storm sandy victims but tonight residents are saying it's not enough to make a difference. >> those digital billboards could be harmful to your health. why experts are concerned. >> a band like no other. these robots are really groving and where you can
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>> ama: break news out of millbrae where a teenager has been shot. the mass roman is live on the scene with what we know so far. reporter: we're here in millbrae the light you see there is in front of a house there. police officers from san bruno police department and sap mateo county sheriffs department. they've been combing the area in front of the house for the last hour. we got a report that at 10:29, a 16-year-old female had been shot where those police officers are. apparently she suffered wounds to her abdomen and thigh. she has already been taken to a local hospital for treatment. we're not sure of what her condition might be at this point. we're still waiting for the san
11:35 pm
mateo county sheriffs spokesperson to tell us exactly what happened and how. they have been combing that area for an hour. they're looking for some kind of evidence, and we're told that we will get some kind of statement from the san mateo county sheriffs in a little while. we're not sure of the condition but we know it's a 16-year-old female with wounds to her abdomen and thigh. >> ama: you can always check for the latest breaking news on our web site. >> in tonight's other headlines, a shooting in oakland wounded two men. the victims managed to drive a mile away from the early evening shooting before they crashed. both hat nonthrive threatening injuries. >> friends and family of petaluma teenager alyssa byrns held fund daysers. they want to raise money for families to deal with missing children. >> parking in san francisco will no longer be free on sundays.
11:36 pm
tomorrow parking meters will be collecting money for the first time. >> congress approved a $9.7 billion flood insurance measure but it was a vote that not only delayed for several days but less than what was wanted by new york and new jersey officials. david curly has more. reporter: debris still covering lots surrounded by damaged houses. it's the house of representatives that residents are seething about. >> ask the house to come visit my house. they wouldn't take it. after a week they would run out of here. we had to rip out the floor. >> she stayed in her damaged rockway park new york home. weeks without electricity, some warm food from the red cross. $2,400 from fema, but nothing from her insurance company which says it's waiting for government flood insurance money. congress finally passed $9 billion to help pay out more
11:37 pm
flood caims after northeast representatives shamed the speaker. >> they have suffered long enough. they need to hear from their government. >> but the major chunk of aid for the areas hit by sandy, $51 billion, won't be voted on for another week and a half and already some republicans are questioning the spending. >> the great physical tragedy of today should never become an even greater fiscal tragedy for our children tomorrow. >> governors, including chris christie, loudly chained that delaying this aid hurts arch affected by sanity. here's why. before a home owner can rebuild they need electricity, water supply, waste systems and passible roads. the infrastructure has to be rebuilt and much of that money is stuck in washington. >> the worry? that home owners may give up. >> the governmenting telling me they don't care. and i don't know what else to do besides leave, like the rest of my neighborhood, and then what? where is this neighborhood going to go to?
11:38 pm
>> among the republicans complaints, in that $51 billion are $400 million or pork barrel spending and some republicans are saying these emergency bills should be paid for, not put on the national credit card. david curly, abc-7 abc new yorke white house. >> victims of hurricane sandy are not happy at google maps. they snappedded pictures of the neighborhood. some people don't want others to see how their homes used to be and what they look like now. >> this is not what we are. this is what happened to us. >> i've seen enough people come by taking pictures, and to me, it's gawking. we don't need that right now. we need help. >> ama: we'll have a different take. the company says the updated imagery will hopefully inform people around the world of the extent of the damage and aid in the recovery efforts. >> tonight lance armstrong's attorney is denying reports the former cyclist is planning to admit to doping charges.
11:39 pm
"the new york times" reported yesterday that armstrong is considering a public admission. he has denied doping for more than a decade. in a followup story tonight, the times says the u.s. antidoping agency could use armstrong's admission to go after other cyclists suspected of using performance-enhancing drugs. speaking to former teammates can the newspaper says armstrong's testimony could provide the agency with much needed insider info on how athletes are obtaining and using the drugs. turns out those large digital billboard flashing ads like this one, are not only distracting but potentially deadly. a swedish study of the billboards say they hold the driver's eyes more than two second, and that increases the rfk of crashing. california is one of 39 states that allows the digital billboards. >> tickets for the burning man festival will be going up, $380 each.
11:40 pm
up from 240 last year. this year get tickets it will be first come first served. >> a music festival in australia will mark the debut of a band like no other on earth. ♪ >> this is the band, come press -- compressor head. the band is comprised of three robots who play instruments, including the drummer, called sick boy, with four arms. they'll take the stage later this month. just ahead, how you can lend a hand to the troops. >> did you receive a knew cell phone for the holidays? well, i've got an idea on what you should do with your old phone. put it it to good use. i'm michael finney. >> ama: award season is here but can lincoln stand up to the
11:41 pm
hype? >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. we'll check in on live doppler 7hd before we say goodbye together, and look
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11:43 pm
>> ama: 60% of americans have at least one cell phone sitting in a drawer not being used. 10% of us have four or more phones gathering dust. michael finney has a look how to
11:44 pm
pout put -- put those phones to work. >> did crowd receive a new phone for your gift and griping about your monthly bail? imagine being one of these guys. we make our troops overseas pay to call home. imagine worrying about the enemy and a phone bill. as it turns out your old phone can help with that. brittany is the cofounder of cell phones for soldiers. >> we collect used cell phones and recycle them and then with the may we purchase calling cards we send to the troops. so, we're always looking for people to send us their old cell phones when they have to get a new one. >> you expect cell phones for soldiers to be awash in old phones, there's some so many out there, but the organization isn't. >> begs the question, what are peopling too with their old phones? we found out actually we've become a nation of digital horders. 60% have one or more phones
11:45 pm
laying around their home, and one in ten have four or more homes at phone. >> michelle is with lookout mobile security. its security app protects your cell phone's privacy when you use a phone and after you give it up. she and others at lookout have been collecting cell phones for the troops, she says more phones aren't available because of security concerns. >> the main reason is people just don't know what to do with the phone, and, two, they're concerned about the personal information, the photos, text messages, they're still on those devices. so what happens is they're left sit fog drawers. >> so take a moment, download the lookout app or just go online and find instructions how to wipe your cell clean so it can then to on to do good works. >> it's pretty crazy that hey have to pay for these phone bills and they have such a difficult time communicating with their loved ones and it really is a huge help for them to be able to communicate with
11:46 pm
home while they're away. >> i've posted a link to cell phone for soldiers, to get information about the program and dropoff location close to your home or business. >> ama: top honors today for the critically acclaimed film "lincoln." the national society half film critics awarded it the best screen play. and daniel day-lewis won an award for his portrayal of president lincoln. they also selected amore as the best picture of 2012. riva was best actress, and amy adams best supporting actress, and matthew mcconaughey was best supporting actor for his role in magic mike and bernie. >> oscar nominations are out this week. they'll be announces. later this week is looking drier.
11:47 pm
>> leigh: it's going to be colder but let's look at live doppler 7hd. still going to keep periods of rain off and on throughout the course of the evening, early tomorrow morning, as the area of low pressure continues to wrap that moisture around, all of this will shift to the south by tomorrow. if you are doing some traveling tomorrow, back east, the east coast, that's where we'll look for some showers, look for snow up through the great lakes, central portion of the country looks dry, and then back towards california, you'll see southern california will be in the rain tomorrow. tahoe, down to yosemite, look for snow showers there, it will be 38. 31 for tahoe, and sacramento will see sunshine. hires a look ahead to the next seven days. morning showers for sunday, afternoon clearing. it will be breezy and cool. sunday afternoon, but monday and tuesday, boy, the heat wave. we're going to climb into the low 60s around the bay area, with some sunshine. after that, we may see a few
11:48 pm
sprinkles around here. we'll keep you posted. >> ama: all right. shu is off. collin has sports, and tough night for the warriors. >> oh, it's one you just scratch from the schedule and forget about it. whether you lose by one or 26, a loss is a loss. david lee said it. that's my positive spin on the outcome. in green bay, the outcome we all expected. aaron rodgers and company set up
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>> all right y. are you ready? 49ers and packers next saturday. a 5:00 kickoff. tbreeb grebe having their way with an undermanned minnesota team to set up the matchup. christian ponder in warmup early, tried to give it a go. couldn't with the injured elbow, joe webb got the start. hadn't thrown a pass all season. aaron rodgers, 274-yard, this for nine yards. webb, completely out of his comfort zone. can you blame him? 11-30, 180-yard yards and an interception. packers come to san francisco a week from tonight, a rematch of week one when the niners win to lambeau and won. >> they're a different team. teams find their identities throughout the season, and we look at probably more of their
11:52 pm
past games, more recent, so we're going to have to find ways to block up their pro bowlers inside, and try to make in plays on the perimeter as well. >> sports talk there. can't wait. early game. houston and cincinnati. texans beat the bengals last year. that's arian foster. less than 3:00 to go. andy dalton going for it all on third down. overthrows green, and he was open. next play. they need 11 yards. not going to get it done. marvin jones, the ex-cal product. stops short. cincy, beaten by houston. >> the clippers were embarrassed by golden state at oracle wednesday night. at staples they exacted revenge. the festiveus for the rest of
11:53 pm
us. blake griffin, good tonight. 20 points, 19-2 run for a 26-3 clipper lead. harrison barnes. base line jam. the clippers kept coming in waves. matt barnes, the followup. chris paul, 27 in the game. 48-25. eric bledsoe. shot clock winding down. i'm just going to launch. bank it. come on. third quarter carnage continues. paul, offglass to jordan. 92-56. 115-89 the final. have to watch the tape. >> stanford's futility in southern california continues. lost 15 of the last 16 in l.a. cardinal and bruins. dwight powell, 17 points, not enough. superfrosh mohammad. cardinals start conference play 0-2. cal seeking a win at usc tonight.
11:54 pm
deadman, get out of the way. second half belonged to cal. alan crabbe. 53-57 bears. crabbe with the flush. much needed win for the bears, 72-64. >> santa clara coach gary keeting wanted a full house for tonight's game against gonzaga. one problem, students are still on winter break. so he went into this pockets and offered $100 hotel reimbursement for any student on campus who had nowhere to stay. 12 took him up of the offer and the levy center sold out. and then this happened on the opening tip. foster, 29 points, the layin and one. bron -- bron -- broncos played well but fall to the bulldogs. >> bennett and st. mary's opening against loyal ma
11:55 pm
marymount. st. mary's yet to lose this season. sorry, ama. they just cannot win here. ama went to omu. james walker iii, gaels pulling away from the lions, in the passing lane. 74-61 the final. >> we knew it would be a tough game coming in, but we just really wanted to get a good spot in the conference and knew it would be physical. just had to be physical and ready to fight. >> rex walters and the dons tonight. that's cody coolan, he had 22. dons couldn't hold on. could you go you'res outscore them in the they second half. byu the winner.
11:56 pm
this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> ama: thank you for joining us, that's its for this edition of abc7 news. captioned by closed captioning services inc. 1111111
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there are two kinds ofout who t how to kill people--psychopaths and mystery writers. i'm the kind that pays better. who am i? i'm rick castle. castle. castle. i really am ruggedly handsome, aren't i? every writer needs inspiration, and i've found mine. detective kate beckett. beckett. beckett. nikki heat? the character he's basing on you. and thanks to my friendship with the mayor, i get to be on her case. i would be happy to let you spank me. and together, we catch killers. we make a pretty good team, you know? like starsky and hutch, turner and hooch. you do remind me a little of hooch. (woman) ♪ oh, oh


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